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Hi! I'm Quinten Cheek

Game Designer and Programmer

What have I been up to?
Glad you asked!

Final School Project

I recently finished a 4-player rhythm game where 3 regular players take on 1 boss player, all while using guitar controllers! 


Titled "Fortissimetal", I had the pleasure of being the Lead Programmer and Audio Engineer of my very talented team, Mimic Studios! It was a very bittersweet final project, and I wish them luck in their future projects. :')

Current Personal Project

Here, you can see the first official game I ever made. Yup.

 I designed, animated, and programmed the vertical infinite runner "Ben's Bolt" from scratch over the course of 5 months.


Recently, I have been remaking this game for release as a mobile app. Stay tuned for more info!

Annotation 2019-12-08 143452.png

Recent Projects:

Attachment Issues

I was the Lead Programmer and Sound Designer for this 2-player puzzle game. The catch: it is actually a 1-player experience! After less than 4 months of development, we finally released the Gold Master build of our game. Included in the download are all versions of the game throughout development. Please take a look, and I hope you enjoy playing (and laughing at) it as much as I did working on it!

Rhythm Rumble

I led the UI animations along with doing a lot of programming for this music-driven fighting game. It even uses a dancing pad, DDR-style! This game took me out of my comfort zone a lot during its 6 months of development, but it was worth it for the final result. 

Video footage from an earlier version of the game.

*Dance Pad not included

Crazy Mazey

I came up with ideas, designed, and helped program this cat-and-mouse prototype in just under a week.

Danger of Decks

Another much more technical prototype, this time 2 weeks long, I programmed a 3D third-person card-building action rogue-like game, creating the functionality of teleporting, casting spells, and picking cards to add to the deck. 

Timmy's Dungeon

My first published game! I helped develop this game over 5 months using the scrum development cycle, where I did level and puzzle design along with programming. Please enjoy this quirky, charming puzzle game made by 3 talented buddies of mine and me over at Rat and Co.!

And more coming soon...

Game Design is a process!

So have some fun with it

What the players never see...

Branching out with animation

Screenshot 2022-10-12 021611.png

Dev Cheats!

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